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  1. 2023 Annual Meeting

    Event Starts: December 19, 2023


    In accordance with Article 3, Section 3.4 of the bylaws for Mustang Park Owners’ Association, Inc., you are hereby given notice of and requested to attend the 2023 Annual Homeowners Meeting. The Annual Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th, 2023 at 5:30PM at the Clubhouse at 4657 Maverick Way, Carrollton, TX 75010

    At this meeting, there will be five (5) positions open for Election on the Board of Directors. If you would like to put your name forward, as a Candidate for the Board, please complete and return the attached Candidacy form prior to the meeting.

    A proxy is a written instrument, signed by the member, which duly appoints the member’s voting rights and attendance. The Bylaws state that in order to hold a meeting and conduct business of the Association, there must be a quorum present. A quorum is the number of homes represented either in person or by proxy. The quorum required to elect directors is ten percent (10%) of all lot owners. That comes to 39 homes. If the quorum for the annual meeting is not met, we will reconvene the meeting at 6:00 PM. If quorum is still not present, the Association will not be able to conduct any Association business, and will incur additional expenses to recall, reschedule and re- notice.

    Proxy and Candidate forms will need to be returned no later than Monday, December 18rd, please email them to Dale@legacysouthwestpm.com.

    Please take a moment to sign and return the enclosed proxy even if you plan to attend, as unforeseen circumstances can occur. Please email it to Dale@legacysouthwestpm.com. Your attendance or proxy will help fulfill the quorum requirements.

    We look forward to seeing everyone there.

    Click here to download and read the 2023 Annual Meeting Notice

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    We have created a simplistic approach for you to provide insight & feedback regarding your Mustang Park Community. Click Full Story for links to forms for the Community Business Directory, Volunteer Form, and Overall Feedback Form.

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ACC Requests

Mustang Park HOA - ACC Request

An ACC Request is required if you are making ANY type of modification, change, repair, replacement, removal, addition to your property or the exterior of your home.

The governing documents of this community state that you must have written approval from the ACC Committee prior to doing any of this work.

Click here to start your ACC Request*.

* Must be a registered homeowner of this website

Pool  / Amenity Center

Mustang Park HOA - Pool access

Our goal is to keep the pool and other amenities a family 1st place for the Mustang Park HOA residents and their guests.  Please make sure you are aware of the pool and amenity center rules as well as homeowner and guest access to these amenities.

An activated pool key will be required for pool access. Click here to request your access*.

* Must be a registered homeowner of this website

Welcome Home to Mustang Park

Quality of life and living

Mustang Park is a master-planned neighborhood featuring beautiful homes located in Carrollton, Texas. Carrollton is in the heart of DFW and Forbes Magazine recently listed Carrollton #12 in "America's Best Places to Move." In 2008, the city was ranked 15th in the country as the Best Place to Live by Money Magazine. Residents enjoy nationally recognized schools, award-winning sports complexes, libraries, parks and greenbelts, convenient shopping and elegant to fast dining.